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Gotland Sheep - Sustainably Raised at ARAN Farms

What are Gotland Sheep?

The Gotland Sheep is a landrace breed of Northern Short-Tailed sheep that have their origins in the European Karakul, Romanov and Gute sheep breeds. The Vikings took the medium-sized animals on their ships to supply meat, milk and wool. They are a polled (no horns) breed, have fine-grained meat and lustrous wool that falls in ringlets and is prized by hand spinners. The lambs are born with black wool, which gradually silvers out to a range of grey. Hardy and curious, they fit in well with our Farm's ideals.

Gotland sheep ewe, Aran Farms, near Seattle Washington

Gotland Ewe Sheep

Gotland sheep ram, Aran Farms, near Seattle Washington

Gotland Ram Sheep


ARAN Farms is a proud member of the Livestock Conservancy, the Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America and the American Boer Goat Association.

Sustainably Raised Livestock, near Seattle WA
Sustainably Raised Sheep, near Seattle WA
Sustainably Raised Boer Goats, near Seattle WA

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