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South African Boer Goats - Sustainably Raised at ARAN Farms

What are South African Boer Goats?

South African Boer goats were developed in the early 1900s in South Africa and their name derives from the Afrikaans word for "farmer". They are the benchmark for meat goats: medium-sized, sturdy and friendly, they thrive on poor forage and are very low maintenance.

The traditional color pattern is a deep russet head and shoulder cape with an ice-white body, but spotted and dappled combinations are becoming very popular. We have chosen to breed the show side first for correct conformation and disease resistance and then for spectacular dapples and spots with an emphasis on black and white.

The meat/wether side is made up of carefully selected commercial Boer does and a Kiko goat sire. This combination instills a better meat-to-bone carcass ratio, heftier conformation and practicality since the breeds are compatible in size and structure. We have kids available for farm pickup near most cultural holidays. We do not have customer slaughter space available. Customers who wish to have processed goat meat outside the holidays may reserve an available kid and we will handle the processing and meat storage.

South African Boer Goats, Aran Farms, near Seattle Washington

South African Boer Doe

South African Boer Goats, Aran Farms, near Seattle Washington

South African Boer Doe and Buckling Kid


ARAN Farms is a proud member of the Livestock Conservancy, the Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America and the American Boer Goat Association.

Sustainably Raised Livestock, near Seattle WA
Sustainably Raised Sheep, near Seattle WA
Sustainably Raised Boer Goats, near Seattle WA

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